At Assetmark Group, we are committed to understanding the full lifecycle of our services and working to protect and improve ecosystems on which we all depend. We believe that delivering services right across the asset management lifecycle is the key in unlocking the full economic, social and environmental value of our activities.

Assetmark Group recognises the importance of adopting a sustainable approach to business and as such, we endeavour to partner with the community, clients and suppliers to optimise stakeholder value and eco-efficiency.

Across our many service sectors, we strive to design, implement and manage projects and services that deliver a positive impact on our social and natural environments.

Our goal is to reduce our ecological footprint, increase the sustainability of our products and services, and have a positive influence on the local communities in which we participate through our day-to-day operations.

We continually strive to achieve this by understanding and responding to emerging global risks and opportunities, engaging with our clients and communities and developing proactive partnerships within our value chain.

The best way we can contribute to sustainable development is to understand the sustainability challenges associated with our projects and to assist our clients to develop solutions in innovative ways. This process of stakeholder engagement provides a mutually beneficial source of ideas and opportunities for all parties, and we encourage stakeholder participation in all of our projects.