Quality Assurance

Assetmark Group is a provider a wide range of services across various industries including construction, engineering, infrastructure works, asset and facilities management services.

Assetmark Group is dedicated to the provision of product and management services which optimise the development potential and all life performance of our customer assets.

Our corporate philosophy emphasises a consultative approach in all dealings with customers, employees and supplier to provide the best possible value and return for resources expended.


Assetmark Group is committed to:

Maintaining our Management System to provide employees and interested parties with leadership, guidance and instruction to ensure our service provisions is consistent throughout all of Assetmark Group’s operations;

Provides products and services efficiently, that are technically innovative, defect-free and on-time;

Provides the best possible outcome with the least amount of risk;

Satisfies the agreed contractual and commercial requirements.

Assetmark Group is committed to complying with the requirements of the management system and continually monitoring, analysing, reviewing and improving the effectiveness of processes through;

Structured induction and training programs;

Auditing and assessment of the Management System for compliance and effectiveness;

The monitoring of progress and performance of processes against established objectives and indicators from reliable data sources;

The systematic review of performance data and the identification and implementation of improvement opportunities.

The Quality Policy establishes the framework and authority upon which Assetmark Group bases its management practices.