Assetmark Group takes pride in the projects we deliver to our clients. We also pride ourselves on the ethical manner in which we conduct ourselves in the communities within which we work. Our aim is to make a valuable contribution to our local communities by providing community infrastructure and employment opportunities and supporting initiatives that help to create healthy, self supporting and sustainable communities.

A key element of realising this vision is to engage with communities at the local level through our various projects. As a responsible corporate citizen, the sharing of our knowledge and our skills with these communities will result in long term community development.

We maintain local initiatives that are measured, not in terms of money, but in the benefits received by both members of the community and Assetmark Group employees. Our major sponsorships expand this ideal in order to improve community access to art, culture and development opportunities.


Community projects are selected on the basis of providing benefits such as:

School programs, development and rehabilitation facilities, career-development opportunities, on-site try-a-trade days, and apprenticeships

Disaster relief

Development programs for Indigenous communities or disadvantaged young people

Medical and health benefits

Community-based conservation and rehabilitation programs

Arts and culture

Project open days

Assetmark Group community projects support the spirit of good neighbourliness at all times. A key measure of our project delivery success is our ability to engage with our local communities and ensure we leave them with a positive legacy of our involvement.